American Craft Beer Week

It’s a celebration of local CT breweries at Eli’s Restaurant Group.  We are partnering with Counter Weight, Stubborn Beauty, Back East, and New England Breweries.  Each day is designated to one of the Breweries with a Tap Takeover and Meet and Greet Event.  All locations will have at least one beer tapped from these breweries along with a few other local breweries throughout the week as well.  Stop by Branford, Hamden, Orange or Milford and celebrate American Craft Beer Week with us!

Tuesday, May 16th – Tap Takeover by Counter Weight Brewing Company at Eli’s on Whitney in Hamden.  Meet & Greet at 6pm.

Wednesday, May 17th – Tap Takeover by Stubborn Beauty Brewing Company at Eli’s in Branford. Meet & Greet at 6pm.

Thursday, May 18th – Tap Takeover by Back East Brewing Company at Eli’s Tavern in Milford.  Meet & Greet at 6pm.

Friday, May 19th – Tap Takeover by New England Brewing Company at Eli’s Orange.  Meet & Greet at 6pm.


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