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Eli's Rewards


Join the Eli’s rewards program today and become an Eli’s VIP!

Now you can earn and redeem rewards points every time you visit one of our Eli’s restaurant locations: Eli’s On Whitney and Eli’s Brick Oven Pizza in Hamden; Eli’s Branford; Eli’s Tavern in Milford and Eli’s Orange on Post Road.

Our Program is EASY!

  • NO CARD NECESSARY! Everything is done at our restaurants using your phone number
  • You’ll receive one point for every dollar spent*
  • Receive notifications of special events and offers
  • REDEEM Eli’s dollars for apparel and other awesome, rotating rewards
  • You’ll be automatically entered to win giveaways, tickets and other prizes
  • AND you’ll receive special offers for your birthday and rewards anniversary!

It's simple.



Use this link and get signed up!


Pass along your number to your server.


Start earning!

Then redeem points for awesome rewards.
Certificate of Excellence 2015


Points are non-transferable, have no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash

Points are earned only on a la carte transactions. Catering orders and banquets do not apply

Points cannot be earned on gift card purchases

Points may only be accumulated by the person paying for the check

Points may be split on checks with multiple parties, but the total points accumulated on the check cannot exceed the dollars spent

Points are earned on only on sub-total amounts (tax and gratuity are excluded)

When claiming checks for rewards points: points earned on purchases must be collected from the check by the end of the following day after purchase; points cannot be collected from checks on any days prior

Points not redeemed after 12 months from last accumulation will expire

There is no limit on points that can be earned each day

Eli’s Restaurant Group may change or cancel the program at any time which may impact point accumulation, point value and reward redemption

Terms and conditions may be modified at any time to comply with applicable state law in Eli’s sole discretion

Members may not accumulate points on any purchases made at any Eli’s Restaurant Group prior to enrollment in the program

Eli’s Restaurant Group is not liable for points and rewards lost from fraudulent usage

Must be 18 or older to participate

Employees of Eli’s Restaurant Group are not eligible for participation

All redemptions must be made in house unless otherwise specified


How does the program work?

Simply register for an Eli’s Reward account online. Eat and drink then connect to your check by providing your 10-digit phone number to your server or bartender when it is time to pay the check. Each dollar you spend at any of our Eli’s locations earns you one point. Use those points to redeem our awesome, ever-changing rewards.

How do I sign up?   

Simply click this link: HERE and you will be required to fill out the fields. You will then be an Eli’s Rewards Member!

Do my points work at any Eli’s location?   

Yes. Your point total will include points earned at any of our Eli’s brand restaurants (Eli’s on Whitney, Eli’s on the Hill, Eli’s Brick Oven Pizza, Eli’s Orange, Eli’s Tavern). Those points can then be earned to claim rewards at any of our restaurants, not just the restaurant where you earned the points.

How do I collect my points?   

When it is time to pay the check provide your server or bartender with your 10-digit phone number. They will use your number to add the points to your account right then and there. Once the check has been closed out the points will automatically be added to your point total. Points are only earned based off of the subtotal amount. Tax and gratuity are not eligible for rewards points.

How do I claim rewards?   

When it is time to pay the check provide your server or bartender with your 10-digit phone number. They will use your number to add the points to your account right then and there. If you have enough points to claim a reward that reward will automatically be applied to your check. Points are only earned based off of the subtotal amount. Tax and gratuity are not eligible for rewards points.

What is the difference between rewards money and gift cards?   

Gift cards are a physical card that can be purchased at any Eli’s location. These are then used like a debit card and hold a dollar balance until all money on the gift card has been spent. Rewards dollars are purchased with points and are applied directly to one particular check at the time when the reward dollars are claimed.

What happens if I have points for a $10 reward and my check is less than $10?   

At this time, if the subtotal on the check is less than $10 the $10 reward will not be applied to the check.

Can I join the rewards program without using my smartphone?

Yes! Our program does require that you provide a phone number for your account member ID; it does not have to be a mobile phone number.

Do my points ever expire?   

Points will expire after a 12-month period of complete account inactivity. If points are neither earned nor spent, or if there are no visits to any locations, only then will the points expire. So long as the account is used within a 12-month period, points will not expire even if they are not used.

I forgot to claim my points, can I still get them?   

Points can be claimed within a 48-hour period of the transaction day. After that period of time has passed, unfortunately the points can no longer be claimed. To claim points that you may have missed please click this link:

Can I transfer my points to another person?   

Points are non-transferable. All points earned on one account must be also be used on that one account.

Can rewards points be used for gratuity?  

Points cannot be used to cover gratuity or tax. Points are earned based on the subtotal (pre tax and tip amount) and rewards dollars only apply to subtotal amounts.

Does the program work for catering orders?   

Our rewards program does not apply to catering orders and banquets. For frequent users of our catering services email us at to request a spot in our catering rewards program

Am I required to join any mailing list or give any personal information?   

To register we need your name, email and phone number. You will have the option to opt-out or in to our mailing and contact lists